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miss caroline

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[25 Jan 2015|02:11pm]
Blame it on the night
Don't blame it on me
 photo m14_0763_zps8f4109e5.jpg
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[25 Jan 2015|02:08pm]
You ain't gettin any younger are you

 photo m13_3357_zps692cb355.jpg
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[01 Dec 2013|11:21pm]
 photo happifamilia_zpsd7176715.jpg

 photo Cachito_zps6efac026.jpg

 photo Taiguabo_zpsee2c752f.jpg

 photo cestdomage_zps4af290ff.jpg

 photo winnerwinnerchickendinner_zps6e66e9a7.jpg

 photo Paradisus_zps8fd4984c.jpg
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[01 Dec 2013|11:20pm]
Memories of a time and place better left unsaid.

 photo Beaches_zpsea30475f.jpg

 photo Elgrampa_zpsee9efe81.jpg

 photo Thepiratesbay_zpsfa7116ca.jpg

 photo Lalady_zps11aaa49e.jpg

 photo Mmmm_zps888aa7b4.jpg
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[01 Dec 2013|11:19pm]
Rain. Rain. Rainbow.

 photo BossaNova_zps825d4637.jpg
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